Documentary + Photojournalism

Boston-based documentary photographer Jenna

Documentary + Photojournalism, America

Most of us long for a good story—in others & in our own lives. We seek affirmation that we’re doing a good job. That our hard work & endless commitment as good humans fighting the good fight and raising our kids to be the best little people they can be will totally pay off. That we are deserving, that we matter and that our work is worthy of celebration, even if only on occasion.

As a queer woman, a former social worker & foster parent, now entrepreneur & full-time adoptive mom to 3, taking photographs has become my way of searching for the truth. A professional hobby birthed all those years ago spending nights experimenting in the dark room.

It is deeply fulfilling to offer you a final product that brings pause, delivers joy & inspires wonder. It is always my goal that the process feel meaningful and that, in some way, I hand your humanity right back to you as you’ve not seen it before while offering spectacular images to share with those most important to you.

My style isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for highly contrived, highly styled or overly posed, I’m not your photographer. I can certainly manage classical & modern photos which are striking, gorgeous and a bit formal, however, I prefer a lifestyle approach with a documentary eye, which incorporates much more thought into backgrounds, angles, the moments in between the moments.

If you’re in search of someone confident who will calm nerves, make kids laugh, organize groups and showcase that which makes you special & worthy of celebration, then I’m the person you want behind the camera.

Here’s my portfolio, & always feel free to Email me with your questions or ideas.

Warmly, Jenna